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Elisha Cuthbert riding a cock in Tokyo TV show

May 7, 2010 Author: Mad for ELISHA | Filed under: Porn

Just because Elisha Cuthbert has been MIA from the Hollywood spotlight for a long time now doesn’t mean she’s already quit the fame for good. Save the gossip and sympathy for later because that’s the last thing this blonde stunner needs right now. What she truly needs is an asian cock to fill her sweet young pussy up.

That is why she took her pussy game to Tokyo to become the first blonde pornstar known to fuck asian guys. Way to make yourself stand out from the other celebrities in Hollywood huh? If you ask me, I think it’s a brilliant idea! Not only do we get to see Elisha Cuthbert’s naked pussy and tits here, we can enjoy seeing her in hot hardcore action taking dicks of various sizes in her juicy cunt. So she gets her fame, we get a hard-on. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Elisha Cuthbert Porn Pictures

Jun 18, 2008 Author: Mad for ELISHA | Filed under: Porn

Canadian-born actress Elisha Cuthbert has come a long way from her humble beginnings as a co-host for the children’s television series Popular Mechanics for Kids and as part of the cast of that horror-themed series for children Are You Afraid of the Dark? until she blossomed into a gorgeous and pretty woman who captured the public’s attention when she appeared on the popular action thriller series 24 with Kiefer Sutherland. She has one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood and you can see her gracing the cover of Maxim Magazine’s May 2008 issue. She is notably pretty and all woman that men grow weak in the knees when she gives you that alluring stare while you drool profusely when you get to see her posing in a sexy pair of bikinis. But are you prepared to see something more sizzling about Elisha unlike anything before? How about seeing her totally naked and getting herself some hanky-panky good time with these hot porn pictures to back our claim and you can get to see them at Elisha Cuthbert Porn Pictures.

It’s hot and kinky right down the line as you enjoy Elisha Cuthbert feasting on throbbing cocks inside her mouth while getting her smooth, wet pussy fucked non-stop when she spreads her legs and get all sleazy on top of an office table! See one truly irresistible Elisha in this small collection of porn pictures we have just for you! Click here or just simply go to Elisha Cuthbert Porn Pictures and download all of them for you to cherish all year round.

Elisha Cuthbert Makes A TV Comeback

Apr 8, 2008 Author: Mad for ELISHA | Filed under: News

Movie star Elisha is going back to her roots as a TV actress, slated to play the female lead in CBS’ upcoming series “Ny-Lon”. This new show is an adaptation of the popular 2004 BBC series which starred Rashida Jones and Steven Moyer about a transatlantic love affair between a New York record store clerk and a London stockbroker. Elisha will essay the role of the record store clerk, and we’re drooling with anticipation at this chance to catch new Elisha performances every week again! Does this mean we have a nylon fetish?

Elisha’s Ex Linked To Prostitution Scandal

Apr 8, 2008 Author: Mad for ELISHA | Filed under: News, Scandals

The Emperors Club VIP scandal took down former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, as it was revealed that he was a frequent customer of this high-end prostitution ring. But Spitzer wasn’t the sole customer of this call girl club, obviously, and one of the 2,000 names in the address book belonging to Madam Kristin Davis is that of Elisha Cuthbert’s ex-boyfriend, professional hockey player Sean Avery.

Avery has hit back against these allegations, calling these reports “false and defamatory.” Yeah, like we believe a macho sports guy like him doesn’t want some hot, paid-for tail now and then, even with a hot chick like Elisha Cuthbert already on his arm. Go and charge the guy already!

Possible Elisha Cuthbert Sex Tape

Apr 8, 2008 Author: Mad for ELISHA | Filed under: Gossip, Scandals

The blog Geno’s World recently made a statement sometime late last year that a Paris Hilton-type sex tape of Elisha Cuthbert was soon going to appear.

Their exact statement was : “Geno’s World has erudite that a nude tape involving Elisha Cuthbert is being shopped roughly. The tape clearly would end up in a lawful battle, but the holder of the footage is trying to set up a website to cash in fast.”

With Elisha and Paris’ recent erotic escapade at a trendy New York nightclub, we can cross our fingers and hope that this Paris-influenced work of pornographic art also co-stars Elisha’s “close friend” Ms. Hilton, or involves her in some threesome capacity.

Now where’s that tape already, Geno?

Paris And Elisha — Lesbian Lovers?

Apr 8, 2008 Author: Mad for ELISHA | Filed under: News, Scandals

This hot piece of Hollywood gossip has been scorching the grapevine for quite some time now, as it has all the right elements for a fanboy’s wet dream – it’s got lesbian action, Paris Hilton, and a hot blonde with a pixie cut named Elisha Cuthbert.

Elisha and Paris have apparently been close buddies for quite some time now, probably since they starred together in the inferior remake of “House of Wax” back in 2005, and they sometimes go out shopping and partying together. But apparently that isn’t all they do together.

At New York’s Tenjune club sometime last February, sources reported that Paris and Elisha were “all over each other and making out”, which is an image that raises boners all across the land, I’m sure. Paris was allegedly the one who initiated the lesbian lip-locking action. “She loves putting on a show, “ a close source told later on.

Paris denied later on what a lot of eyewitnesses saw, saying “Elisha’s like my sister. That’s not true.” So that means she’s a skank with incestuous lesbian tendencies then? Can Paris get any hotter? And Elisha’s involvement in all this is just icing on this very kinky cake!

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